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Dorset Reading Partners is a registered charity (no. 1116404)


Dorset Reading Partners is a charity that recruits and trains volunteers to work in local primary schools, helping children with their reading development. Our reading partners work one to one with children in half hour sessions away from the classroom. They talk, share books and play games in order to increase the child’s confidence and motivation, as well as their communication and literacy skills.

Each reading partner typically works with three children over a school year, seeing them once or twice a week. They don’t teach children to read, but support the work of the teacher by allowing children to practise their reading in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere. All reading partners are equipped with a box full of books and games and the sessions are designed to be child-led and fun: we want children to go away with a feeling of success, and looking forward to the next time. Our aim is to give children confidence in their ability and to help them develop a lifelong love of reading.

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